Looking Back

Good morning everyone!

We’re five weeks in, and I have to say, it’s been really awesome so far. Not a single day has gone by yet where at least one person hasn’t checked it out, and I’ve had several days with at least 50 distinct viewers, which is amazing. I know most people haven’t made it all the way through, but that’s perfectly fine – it’s not going anywhere. I haven’t gotten a whole lot of feedback yet, but it’s satisfying enough to know that people are aware of it. I do have a favor to ask, though – if you read a chapter, just take a second to rate it on the star rating system down at the bottom of every page. (You actually don’t have to read it to rate it, but I wouldn’t want you to be dishonest.) Also, though this probably doesn’t apply to many people, make sure to “like” the Facebook page if you haven’t yet!

I wrote the first version of Jessica MacHennessey’s chapter a little over a year ago, as a member of the illustrious, but tragically short-lived Text Pistols (Hi guys! We should really get together again!). It was originally just a sort of scene-building exercise – it wasn’t meaty enough for a short story, and the scope was too small to make it a chapter in a novel. I had a vision of an alien abductee as a modern Pocahontas, uncertain of the future both for her people at home and herself in a strange new world. Dan was a character, but only referred to, as was John Smith, and I was calling them “Coatracks” from the start. The nature of their technology was different, and the thing ended up meandering into an exploration of the aliens’ gender roles (don’t worry, that’s coming!), but most of the pieces were there. I’ve rewritten this chapter several times, and I have to say, I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. Having transcripts of John Smith and Jessica’s conversations was an epiphany.

What do you guys think? These chapters, and a few with Dan, are probably going to be the only close look at Coatrack psychology – how does it strike you so far? I really want them to be coming off as fundamentally different, but still logical and understandable in terms of how their society works. Of course, I haven’t gone too far in depth yet, but are there any first impressions?

Seriously, everybody, thanks for reading. This is a whole lot of fun. I still have a couple of chapters tucked away, but I’m getting pretty close to catching up with myself. Colony might have to go on hiatus sometime in June, but I’ll try to stave it off until July? In any case, I’ve now introduced just about all of the major settings and characters – at least, all of the ones you need to know about right now. We’ve got Louise, Amy, and Harold in Vermont; Columbus, and Dan and company in Los Angeles; David, his family and his friends also in Los Angeles; and Jessica and John Smith up in outer space. Does anybody have a favorite character yet? I’m just curious.

You guys – you guys are the best.



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