An Introduction

Hello, everybody! Thanks for coming to my website. As an introduction, I just wanted to lay out a more in-depth description of this project than what I’ve put on the Facebook page. Not plot stuff, uh, you actually have to read it to get the plot stuff. But what am I doing? Why am I doing it this way? Aren’t I giving it away for free? What’s the goal?

Well, rhetorical entity I made up, I’m glad you asked those questions. Here’s some answers:

1. I’m writing a science fiction novel called Colony. You may have picked up on that already. I’ll be releasing one rough draft chapter on this blog every Wednesday until I run out of chapters. I’ve given myself a bit of a cushion so that hopefully I can keep ahead, but I can pretty much guarantee that at some point I’ll overtake myself. These are rough draft chapters, and while I have the book largely mapped out, not everything is set in stone. I reserve the right to ret-con.

2. I’m doing it this way because I have an amazing number of extremely intelligent friends and family members who can lend a hand just by reading along. Let me know what you think! Also, for those who really want to get down and dirty with this thing, I would love to see any suggested edits. I’m not saying I’ll incorporate everybody’s suggestions, but it would be awesome to find out which parts of the story are most likely to encourage book-burnings. Anybody who wants to lend a copy-editing or proofreading hand should get a hold of me and I’ll send you a copy of the chapter as a .doc, so you can edit with Track Changes.

3. I am giving it away for free, in rough draft form, for now. I would like to sell this thing one day. By doing it this way, I’m creating a place for people to get excited about it, while also exploiting my friends for my personal gain (see number 2). And I’m hoping that all those people who followed the rough draft chapters as I posted them for free might be interested in having the whole thing in final format, for a small fee. Probably arrange some giveaways and whatnot too at some point, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m already too busy planning Colonyfest next year.

4. The goal is a self-published e-book, probably via Amazon at first. It’s a pretty amazing time to be starting out as an author, because the risks of publishing have plummeted to almost nothing. In the past, a first-time author would be obligated to rely an a massive industry to handle everything from editing to marketing to printing, which is convenient, but expensive and risky. God help you if your book doesn’t sell. The main problem was that bookstores ordered up copies of your book by the tens of thousands, and if those don’t sell, well, somebody has to buy them, namely, you. With e-books, there’s no giant warehouse of books moldering away. Most reader manufacturers have their own publishing company, and they will literally accept pretty much anything. There is no risk, only reward, to publishing any book, so they publish any book. It just shifts a lot of the responsibilities of the industry back to the author. So now I have to worry about editing, and Ihave to worry about marketing. I may still hire a professional editor once this project is done, but again, I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

So, that’s it! I’m sorry if this is a little rambly or boring, I’m jamming it out first thing this morning as part of a rolling momentum.

Thanks everybody!



One comment on “An Introduction

  1. Mom says:

    Do you want me to proofread? I can do that.

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